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Creative. Professional. Organized. Original. Authentic. Pragmatic. Sentimental. Good Humored. Optimistic. Courageous. A Leader.

Current jobs

  • VP of Development at 13 Paces

  • ​Talent Manager at Citizen Skull Productions

  • Writer/Producer/Director at Dreamers Entertainment

Current projects in production

  • Chompy & The Girls, Zig Zag Pictures 

  • Stay With Me, XXXL Media 

  • Break-In , 13 Paces 

  • 7th & Union ,13 Paces 

  • A High School Sitcom, Dreamers Entertainment

MY Favorite

hollywood MUSES

Favorite Screenwriters:

Norah Ephron, Dan Fogelman, John Hughes, Kevin Smith, Albert Hackett & Francis Goodrich, Greta Gerwig, Stephen Chobosky, Alex Hirsch, Elizabeth Meriwether

Favorite Actors:

Paul Rudd, Michael B Jordan, Ryan Gosling, Neil Patrick Harris, Sterling K. Brown, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Jason Segel, Will Ferrell

Favorite Actresses:

Julia Marie Dreyfus, Emma Watson, Jennifer Anniston, Raven Symone, Saoirse Ronan, Zoey Deschanel, America Ferrera, Colbie Smulders

Favorite Directors:

Greta Gerwig, Robert Zemeckis, The Coen Brothers, Pamela Fryman, Phil Rosenthal

Classic Movie:  Back to the Future

Comedic Movie:  We're The Millers

Dramatic Movie:  Moulin Rouge

Romantic Comedy:  Sleepless in Seattle

Superhero Movie:  The Dark Knight

Scary Movie:  Saw. All 7 Movies

Non-Disney Animated Movie: The Road to El-Dorado 

Disney Movie: Meet The Robinsons

Disney Princess Movie:  Beauty & The Beast

Disney Pixar Movie: Toy Story


Guilty Pleasure: Batman & Robin (1997)

Current 'Netflix & Chill' Movie (As of 2020): Zombieland

Original 'Netflix & Actually Watch' Movie:

Always Be My Maybe

Christmas Movie: The Miracle on 34th Street

Musicals: Rent & Across the Universe (Couldn't Pick!)

80's Film: Dirty Dancing 

Disney Channel Original Movie: High School Musical

'Bad' Movie: The Bee Movie

Movie Based On a Book:

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Nicholas Cage Movie:

The Sorceror's Apprentice

Favorite Movies

Comedy: How I Met Your Mother

Drama: Dexter

Dramedy: This is Us

Cheesy Sitcom: Full House

Favorite To Binge: Scrubs

Old Cartoon: Hey Arnold

New Cartoon: Gravity Falls

Anime: My Hero Academia

Disney Channel Show: That's So Raven


Anthology: Easy

Procedural Crime Show: Castle

Netflix Original: Bo-Jack Horseman

Amazon Originals: Fleabag & Marvelous Mrs.Maisel

Hulu Original: Letterkenny

BBC Show: Merlin

Show That Was Cancelled Too Early: Firefly

Guilty Pleasure: Sex & The City

Reality Show: Ink Master

Underrated Show: Raising Hope

TV Shows
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