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If you are interested in working with any of my clients, please contact with details.


I am not looking to represent any more bands at this time. If you're interested in booking one of my bands, please contact me at with details. 

Right after college, I got a job at a boutique talent agency as an executive assistant for two amazing agents who have been working in this industry for 20+ years.  One of my bosses used to tell me how lucky I was that everything is done online now. "Back when I was an assistant, we had to stuff envelopes full of headshots to submit actors to casting directors"

Throughout my year at the agency, I learned pretty early on that I was not made for the 9-5 grind, and that I wasn't a huge fan of busywork. (Is anyone?) 


But I also learned that I LOVE working with actors. My favorite part of the job was getting to connect with the clients and be part of their journey as they work on achieving their dreams as entertainers. I met so many talented, delightful actors that brightened my day and made me feel proud of the work I was doing.


I love supporting other artists..It's one of the many reasons why I fell in love with working in Film/TV: it's a collaborative art form.  When I figured out there was a way to help actors without having to be glued to a desk all day and still pursue my own dreams, I jumped at the opportunity to become a talent manager.

I work for Citizen Skull Management - a division of Citizen Skull Productions. It's the perfect gig for someone like me who wants to help artists while balancing other projects as a freelance writer/producer.

My dreams of becoming an actress are long gone, but those dreams are still alive in so many aspiring actors. I am thrilled I get to support them however I can. 

I Promise You:

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